LINZ CHANGES at the Spring Fair


Flanking the entrance is the Linz Light Railway’s first locomotive. The presentation of a book marking the line’s 100th anniversary is set for May 1st at 7 PM.

Inside, a bird’s-eye view of Linz is one of the top features this year as well. After all, it’s not every day that you get a chance to take a leisurely stroll across the city’s rooftops.

Wir Sind Linz gives you the chance to mix up heads, bodies and legs of different people. Of course you can take a picture of yourself and see how much you can be changed.

The Shadowgram has become a beloved favorite of visitors to the LINZ CHANGES tent. The messages really bring the shadows to life!

Last year, you could jog along with Linz Marathon runners. This year, it’s time for the fingers to have all the fun—a pleasure for young and old alike.

Linz.Gemeinsam.Leben is a project by IMPORT/EXPORT and shows videos of people who are of foreign origin, talking about their life in Linz. Also, you can leave a videomessage for others.

The Panoroma offers spectacular views of Linz. High-definition photos capture the cityscape from virtually every angle; each image’s wealth of detail is truly impressive. This is yet another opportunity to get to know Linz from a completely new point of view.

The LINZ CHANGES tent offers the first possibility to be part of the voestalpine Soundcloud. Use your body to form characters, Shadowgram captures the shadows and prints on to stickers, which are then put on plastic bottles. Inside the bottles, there’s a LED lighting up the character. Prior to the Soundcloud, the character will get a receiver installed, so it can be part of the performance. More about participating in the voestalpine Soundcloud can be found on this page

SimLinz is part of the show in the tent and visualizes the amount of work that has to be put in to keep a city like Linz up and running.

The weather is great, if you’re looking for some cool-down, the LINZ CHANGES tent now has two cooling-systems running.

Additional impressions from the LINZ CHANGES tent can be viewed on Flickr.