GeoCity Smart City in Beijing


THE BIG PICTURE – New Concepts for a New World offered a first look on this installation, now Ars Electronica Solutions is bringing it to China.

GeoCity Smart City is about visualizing data such as statistics, but also real-time-data about traffic or weather. All the data is collected and shown in a comprehensible way. Using familiar tools like books, pens and maps it’s easy to show the data you’re looking for in a way that makes it easy and convenient to draw conclusion and influence the developement of a city on the solid foundation of knowledge.

Browse through the book to find the categories you are looking for, mark them with the pen and compose the set of data you’re looking for.

The installation will be shown during the Beijing Design Week 2012 at the CMoDA (China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts) and during the Art and Science Week at the end of Octobre.

Check out some further info on Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber’s blog, she’s one of the initiators of this project.