WIR SIND HIER – Jules Marshall: Apocalypse How? (Essay)

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The Lying World – In the endlessness of today’s universe of information, we can no longer use the truth as a criterion to judge what we can trust.

The British journalist Jules Marshall tackles this exact problem in his essay “Apocalypse How? Surviving an Opened Mind in the Age of Deceit“, written for the art project WIR SIND HIER. Marshall uses the word apocalypse in the sense of “revealing” or “unveiling.” In this context, he examines how we can uncover the truth when we’re being lied to on a daily basis by politicians, corporations, economists and more.

Marshall takes readers along on a very personal journey from the optimistic beginnings of the Internet in the early 90’s to its development on a course headed straight into dystopian oligarchy. The feeling of constantly being lied to starts to grow. Additives in food, the latest findings on fracking, the safety of financial products, all-seeing Secret Services and corporations: how can we tell the difference between conspiracy theories and reality?

Marshall has presented us with a provocative text, in the best sense of the word. No matter if they share or reject Marshall’s positions, this piece forces readers to find their own stance.

Apocalypse How? Surviving an opened mind in the Age of Deceit von Jules Marshall (Link)

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