Inside Festival 06

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In September, the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Studies – IDSIA (USI-SUPSI) – for the 50th anniversary of the Dalle Molle Foundation, in collaboration with Lugano Living Lab, Events and Congresses Division of the City of Lugano – Longlake Festival Lugano and Ars Electronica of Linz, will present a series of concerts, installations and conferences on the topic of artificial intelligence and “A new digital deal”. In this “Inside Festival” Session they will present the project of Versatile artist, Alberto Barberis. In his creations he combines acoustic instruments, electronic devices, digital art and programming with a personal ‘biological tension’.

For its 2021 edition, MUTEK continued to mesh art and ideas, wonder and awakening, across the city of Montréal and virtual, allowing for a dialogue with its communities made up of festival-goers, artists and experts from Québec, Canada and beyond. As part of the Garden Montreal, MUTEK will showcase a selection of this year’s artistic programming.

The Ars Electronica Garden Taiwan Taipei with the title Sacred Garden, Performing Art Is Our Religion! The Stage Is Our Temple!, hosted by Egret Cultural and Educational Foundation TW, will present a performance with the title AMORE, New Piano Performing Art. AMORE is an avant-garde production created to elevate the artistry of performing, conceptual, kinetic, digital, video, and abstract art. Paul Chiang’s paintings are the foundation from which 3D animation techniques catalyze the art to life.

Felix Senk (*2002), Emil Steixner (*2002), and Max-Jakob Beer (*2002) had the idea for a project with the title “re-wire”. They asked themselves: How can sustainability be combined with music? The solution was to build a MIDI controller from an Arduino and electronic scrap. The MIDI controller is a kind of sculpture and more of an instrument than a controller. With it, one can play 16 different perfectly compatible loops independently of each other.

Telematic art is called to technologically heal our loss of body, our loss of senses, our loss of meaning. Tuning into the Lost Interferences which were never heard, into our own lives, and into all the lost possibilities, the audience will join the performers into making sense of everything we lost. The project Lost interferences will be presented during the Ars Electronica Festival in the Garden Bucharest, hosted by Proiect 2, Rezidența BRD, Scena9, UNATC, IL Caragiale, CINETic Co-Financed by AFCN.