Day 5 is Art Thinking Day

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They have all created work that in its own way deals with humanity – with equality, diversity, the treatment of minorities, the relationship between people and technology. In the Prix Forum, they talk about these works, their inspirations and their methods. This open discussion will be moderated by a jury member.

In the Prix-Forum „Computer Animation“ Helen Starr and Guangli Liu (Golden Nica/ When the Sea Sends Forth a Forest), Veneta Androva (Award of Distinction / AIVA) and Erick Oh (Award of Distinction / Opera) discuss „The Re-enchantment of Humanism“.


“When the Sea Sends Forth a Forest” by Guangli Liu can be found in the CyberArts exhibition.

In the Prix-Forum „Digital Musics & Sound Art“ Cedrik Fermont and Alexander Schubert (Golden Nica/ Convergence), Rashin Fahandej (Award of Distinction / A Father’s Lullaby) and Douglas McCausland (Award of Distinction / Convergence) talk about „A Pandemic Didn’t Stop the Sound“.

Cedrik Fermont (Moderator) and Rashin Fahandej, Credit:

And the Prix-Forum „AI & Life Art“ Jens Hauser and Samaneh Moafi / Forensic Architecture (Golden Nica/ Cloud Studies), masharu (Award of Distinction / The Museum of Edible Earth) and tranxxeno lab / Adriana Knouf (Award of Distinction / TX-1) speak about „Im/Material Infrastructures“.


Adriana Knouf won an Award of Distiction for TX-1, as part of the festival she will give a workshop on the difficulties that arise in the context of not fully conventional lives and how to face them. She is the founder of tranxxenolab, a nomadic artistic research lab that promotes intertwinements between trans and xeno.

Preparing to Become Transxxeno, Credit: Adriana Knouf

Despite a short morning rain shower, Sunday is also characterized by mild late summer weather. A big thank you to the weather god!

The festival campus is also bustling on Sundays.

The studio, from which at least four broadcasts were sent out into the world every day, brings together festival participants from Linz and around the world.


Meanwhile, Deep Space 8K will feature “Nocturne,” which provides a striking visual representation of the pandemic period.

The Festival University uses the last day of the festival for presentation on the “Transform your World” stage…


… and trips to the Prix and Art Thinking Forum.


In Kepler’s Gardens also features works we hadn’t seen before, such as KEHAI: Liquid Mirror Series – Square by Kaito Sakuma.


Or “Dear Joachim …” at Sound Park, an installation by Hannes Hoelzl, Dirk Erdmann, Vinzenz Aubry, Ólafur Arnalds, Robert Schnüll, Alberto de Campo, Jussi Ängeslevä and Andi Ruckel in memory of the media artist Joachim Sauter, who died in spring.


Old acquaintances like Joe Davis, a welcome guest at the Ars Electronica Festival, can also be met.


Finally, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all visitors, artists, partners and, of course, the entire Ars Electronica team!

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