Deep Space EVOLUTION: Transient

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Hyperrealistic digital brushstrokes articulate endlessly on a large-scale projection as if it were a real canvas. Each brushstroke is represented as a piano note, creating polyphonic, synesthetic landscapes. In the form of this visualization, an algorithm becomes a real, tangible subject. With Transient by Quayola /Seta (IT) you can thus immerse yourself in impermanent painting in the the Ars Electronica Center’s remastered Deep Space 8K.
Transient marks the beginning of a new era at Quayola Studio, in which experiments with unconventional generative systems open up undiscovered worlds of sound. For this project, software was developed to seamlessly interconnect image and sound. The piano represents technological and human qualities as well as the tradition of music: linking human creativity and algorithmic virtuosity, it reproduces the movement of the human hand and translates it into sound.

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