What is the European Platform for Digital Humanism?

Ars Electronica as a platform for art, technology and society and collaborative projects sponsored by the European Union belong inseparably together. Why is that so? We'll tell you here:

Who wants to live forever? AI and our digital (after)lives 

Throughout time and across cultures, humans have been conditioned to view death as an endpoint in the experience of life. In an increasingly globalized and digitalized world, have our traditions and behaviours towards death changed? What happens when data outlives the person?

Is this a man's world? Acknowledging gender bias in AI

Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming a major driving force of the rapidly accelerating digital transformation. Therefore, we have the responsibility to confront and question the gender biases inherent in AI models and seek ways to mitigate them.

I see you: (in)visibility and equality in a new digital world

As Ars Electronica is a platform for those who see the future as the responsibility of our time and face it with social activation and empowerment, the last festival hosted projects which focused on making different realities and identities visible.

Digital Democracy: How democratic is the Internet?

Is democracy digital and how democratic is the digital? We have put together a collection of festival projects on the topic of "Digital Democracy"!

Take this: The New Digital Deal! (2/2)

Even more numerous, even more exciting and even more diverse: Here comes Part Two of the highlights of the Ars Electronica Festival 2021.

Digital Humanism: Teaching and learning through an artistic lens

Education is one of the core aspects of the European Platform for Digital Humanism, which is only natural, as historically education has always been fundamental to what we understand humanism to be.

Digital Humanism: Art as driver for human-centred innovation

Digital technology spills into and shapes all aspects of our lives, from the way we inhabit both digital and physical spaces, the ways in which we interact and communicate with others, to the ways we work and plan our lives.

The Winners of the 2021 STARTS Prize

We present the Grand Prizes at the intersection of science, technology and art: "Remix el Barrio" and "Oceans in Transformation".

Focus on the Human Being

This year, for the first time, the BMEIA and Ars Electronica have issued a joint Award for Digital Humanity. The focus is on the human being.

Challenging the Human Perspective

How to address the biodiversity and climate crisis through collaborative and innovative art-driven approaches.

Shaping the Digital Future

Ars Electronica's European Platform for Digital Humanism asks about the impact of technologies on society.