AI Oracle

Collective no:topia (INT)

AI Oracle is an interactive art installation in which visitors are immersed into a futuristic cubic structure. In the cube, a robotic voice welcomes them into a dystopian reality in which an AI scans them, analyzes a long list of personal data and decides their job for the future. The scanning and data analysis processes are simulated through voices, sounds and light games. In the same way as our ancestors would trust magicians and oracles for predicting their future, our installation metaphorically proposes an AI as something in which humanity gives full trust for making predictions. By touching the personal life of visitors so closely, the installation aims to invite the visitors to make a reflection on the ethical risks related to potential discriminations due to AI algorithms, which are already massively utilized in the workplace context. 


Project Credits / Acknowledgements:
Goethe Institute Australia 
German Federal Ministry of Education and Research