Nico Rayf launched “BranchBoarding” in 2010 in Vienna. His idea was to mount skateboard or longboard axle & wheel assemblies onto a tree branch to then be able to ride it. Over the following years, Nico Rayf experimented with several varieties of trees and woods and various riding styles. In going about it, he also gave consideration to reproduction techniques in order to then propagate those forms that are best suited to mobility. In 2016 he published a branchboard construction manual entitled “Tree of Motion” and, at the same time, initiated “BranchBoarding,” an open project in which all those who are interested can contribute their expertise. The aim is to create one-of-a-kind vehicles out of natural branch forms, to experience and test them, and to share the insights gained thereby with the community.


BranchBoarding “3rd Generation” limited edition
Tree of Motion: Nico Rayf, Applied Robotics Lab: Philipp Hornung, Wood Technology, University of Applied Arts Vienna