Opening: In Touch with the Earth

Event: Opening: In Touch with the Earth
Date: THU April 18, 2013, starting at 7:00 PM
Price: Free entrance
Note: Please make reservations via 0732.7272.51 or

Reshape your image of our earth with the new program focus “In Touch with the Earth” at the Ars Electronica Center when the blue planet takes center stage, starting at April 19, 2013. The new exhibition GeoPulse and visualizations in the Deep Space visualize global contexts and local situations. The cultural achievements and the future of humanity will be just as important as the nature of our planet and the traces we leave behind on him.

Opening Program


7 PM


7:30 PM

Dr. Erich Watzl, deputy mayor of the city of Linz,

Maholo Uchida, Miraikan (Tokyo),

Gerfried Stocker, Artistic director of the Ars Electronica

In Touch with the Earth

8:00 PM

Overview – Experience the Earth

Tsunagari – Grasp Global Interrelations

GeoPulse – Explore Cities

Quadrocopter flight show

9:30 PM

at the Ars Electronica Center (subject to changes in weather)

Terra Mater in 3D

10:00 PM

“You, Planet” at the Deep Space

Overview: Experience the Earth

With “Overview” the Deep Space transforms in a fascinating observatory located in Linz and brings you close to the Earth on a projection in the form of a virtual world at your fingertips. Detailed graphics, facts and stories about our planet and also the impact of humans will complete the exciting journey.

Tsunagari: Grasp Global Interrelations

Whether seasons, vegetation types, earthquake zones, trouble spots, peacekeeping missions or routes of the Arctic terns: Thanks to a partnership between Ars Electronica and Miraikan, the most important science center in Japan, all of these visualizations and animations of our earth can be seen not only in Tokyo but also in Linz – on a virtual globe inside the Deep Space.

GeoPulse: Explore Cities

Explore urban spaces: GeoPulse has one of the most advanced simulation and visualization tools to explore the infrastructure and attractions of the city of Linz. Interactive maps, high-resolution panoramas, statistics and real-time data let you experience the city of Linz, New York City or Beijing from new perspectives.


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More dates of “In Touch with the Earth”

After this opening, more program points like exhibitions, lectures and workshops belonging to the thematic focus “In Touch with the Earth” will follow. For an overview please have a look at our program page.