From a telescope that opened up a view of the future, the Ars Electronica Center became, as of 2019, the compass that has been navigating us through the technological developments and systems of the 21st century ever since. Four years after this last transformation and enriched by the experience of a massive digitalization push, it was time to recalibrate this compass.

Artificial intelligence, neuro-bionics, genetic engineering and biotechnology have since led to far-reaching changes around the globe. We have been addressing these topics in our exhibitions ever since – today they are more topical than ever. Technological progress constantly raises new questions about its impact on our everyday lives and its consequences for us as a society. This is exactly what prompted us to do this and what we were asked to do,

to focus our exhibitions on the very latest technologies, which are currently changing the way we live and work at an unprecedented speed. To this end, many of the stations with which we show you our future have been completely renewed: Compass reloaded! With an extensive update in the area of brain-computer interfaces in the Neuro-Bionics exhibition, Compass reloaded! invites you to think about cutting-edge issues in neuromarketing and neuroethics. And in the newly adapted main exhibition Understanding AI, visitors can also test the first really big hypes of the AI revolution. But with the new installations in the AI x Music exhibition, you’ll also simply be amazed at the creative sparks that fly when artificial intelligence and music, human creativity and technical innovation, meet.