It’s estimated that planet Earth will have nearly 10 billion inhabitants in 2050, more than two-thirds of them living in cities. All over the world, metropolitan areas are exploding into new megacities. Homo sapiens is evolving into homo urbanicus, a being whose hopes—and, all too often, disappointments—are connected more closely than ever before to the course of “life in the big city” … “GeoCity” examines global developments and their local impact, scrutinizing our power and our impotence in a world in which the maxim “think globally, act locally” has long since established itself in business but is only slowly taking hold in politics and society. “GeoCity” is an interactive experience that brings together multi-layered data about our world, and provides a playful way of encountering this information. At the same time, “GeoCity” also opens up a totally new way of looking at the City of Linz as a localized setting for everyday life.