Creative Robotics

KUKA IIWA_590x350 photo: Robotic Calligraphy/ KUKA IIWA , Magdalena Leitner Robots have become an integral part modern everyday life. But this has now progressed beyond the typical forms of factory automation to completely new applications. In creative industries, robotic arms aren’t being deployed for mass manufacturing but rather in innovative new processes that make it possible to turn out customized products. Meanwhile, robotics engineers are also doing R&D on totally new areas for utilizing robots that go far beyond conventional machinery. This exhibition was produced in collaboration with the Department of Robotics at Johannes Kepler University Linz, Linz Art University’s Robot Lab, the Association for Robots in Architecture, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the RWTH Aachen University and Linz-based KUKA CEE GmbH.


Here you will find an interview about the exhibition Creative Robotics with Johannes Braumann, director of Linz Art University’s Robot Lab,’ applications engineer at Linz-based KUKA Roboter CEE GmbH:   Kunstuni inkl Robots in Architecture Logo jkuLogo ScionicLogo kukaLogo Logog RWTH