FaR – Fashion and Robotics

Artist Anna Piecek’s main objective in this project was to come up with new and innovative ways to work with textiles by making volumes and unconventional shapes with methods that had never before been used in the context of fabric design. The process of creating this garment was achieved by programming a KUKA robot, which is normally used to perform various technical tasks. After a premade pattern had been saved to the robot’s memory, the robot applied the shapes onto a stretched-out fabric with a hot glue pistol that was mounted on its movable arm. After releasing the fabric, hot glue created wavy shapes and unusual structures that gave the fabric a life of its own through new volumes and dimensions.


Anna Katarzyna Piecek
Fashion & Technology: Prof. Christiane Luible-Bär and Prof. Ute Ploier
Creative Robotics: Prof. Johannes Braumann, Maria Smigielska
University of Art and Design Linz