Food Simulator

Hiroo Iwata
Food Simulator

“Food Simulator” is a device that imitates how a foodstuff feels in your mouth. A foil-like pressure sensor imparts the impression of resistance to chewing.

Enhanced and upgraded models of this device—not on display here—simulate not only the food’s consistency but also its taste and the sound it makes when you chew it. A built-in dispenser and atomizer deliver the corresponding taste and aroma. The sounds made by biting into the real foodstuff are recorded in advance by a bone vibration microphone and played back synchronized to the user’s chewing movements to provide a realistic soundtrack.

The “Food Simulator” can be used, for example, to test new products even before they’re actually developed in order to ascertain the most enjoyable form of a particular foodstuff. People who have difficulty chewing can use it as a training device; conversely, “Food Simulator” can convey to healthy people what it’s like to have problems chewing food. And last but not least, it offers users a totally novel and highly entertaining experience. Try it out and prepare to be surprised!

Credits: Hiroo Iwata (JP), 2003