Lehrer*innenfortbildungen der PH Diƶzese Linz im Ars Electronica Center 2021/2022

Does the human take himself out of the game?

Thursday, 31. March 2022
From 1pm to 5pm
Managed by: Florian Hofer
Target audience: everybody
Registration at PH-online of the PH-Linz

The world champions have already been defeated in chess and Go tournaments.
Deep Blue” and “Alpha Go Zero,” two special applications of artificial intelligence.
These events and the basic idea behind this technology – the digitization of human action
and decision-making processes – are fuelling an utopian of AI that is
superior to humans in all facets of intelligence.

In the meantime, applications of “weak” artificial intelligence have been integrated into our
everyday lives and are shaping our way of life. What debates arise when it comes to
health diagnoses or legal judgments being made by AIs?
When autonomous AI-driven vehicles populate our streets? Are humans taking
humans take themselves out of the game?