Homo Digitalis: What’s the Digital Revolution Doing to Us?

How long will we actually still be human and what does the exponential growth of progress have in store for us next? Have we already begun to morph into a new species, Homo Digitalis? The Web series so named and produced by BR, ARTE, ORF and Bilderfest GmbH consists of seven episodes that go in search of answers to these questions by international experts in the field of futurology. The point of departure of this highly diversified tour featuring chief protagonist Helen Fares is the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz.

All seven episodes of the “Homo Digitalis” Web series are available online at www.homodigitalis.tv. We wish you an entertaining and informative experience!

Directed by: Christiane Miethge, Nils Otte
Project idea: Eva Achinger, Bettina Hausler, Christiane Miethge
Presenter: Helen Fares
Camera: Kyrill Ahlvers, Tenzin Sherpa
Sound: Gidon Lasch, Nils Otte
Cut: Tim Sprado
Music: Dagmar Petrus, Martha Plachetka
Animation and Graphics: Anna Hunger, Sven Schulz
Illustrations: Benny Nero
Programming: Bernd Paulus, Phuoc Le, Lena Fischer
Producer Online-Test: Miriam Mogge
Production Manager: Laura Sages
Team Futurelab: Christopher Lindinger, Martina Mara, Maria Pfeifer, Roland Aigner, Clemens Scharfen, Erika Jungreithmayr, Peter Holzkorn, Michael Platz
Team Kunstuniversität Linz: Johannes Braumann
Creative leadership: Christiane Miethge
Scientific management: Kathrin Pollmann
Technical management: Mustafa Isik
Producer: Andreas Martin
Producer Team: Dietmar Lyssy, Marcus Uhl
Editorial office BR: Thomas Sessner
Editorial office ARTE: Katja Ferwagner, Katja Dünnebacke, Annina Zwettler, Aurélie Marx
Editorial office ORF: Robert Glashüttner, Siegfried Steinlechner

A production of Bilderfest GmbH and Bayerischer Rundfunk
in co-production with ARTE and ORF

Thanks to
Fraunhofer Institut, IAO
Ars Electronica Future Lab

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