The HARATECH Company’s My Twiin Bodyscanner performs a 3-D scan of a person’s entire body within only a few seconds. Then, its software automatically converts the body scan data into a 3-D model and thus creates a personal virtual 3-D avatar. Immediately after the scan, the subject’s own 3-D selfie is sent to his/her smartphone, where the avatar is displayed on various 360° background images and can be used for a variety of applications. The next step for HARATECH is research on deploying this technology in the fields of Augmented and Virtual Reality. At present, the models are used in conjunction with a 3-D printer that, in a process that takes only a few hours, can generate, layer by layer, a miniature statue that is an exact replica of the scanned subject.

Bodyscanner 350x230

Credit: HARATECH GmbH (AT)