inFORMed Clay Matter

The inFORMed Clay Matter research project was launched in 2015 by an Italian collective named Co-de-iT (Computational Design Italy) and developed further in 2016-17 within the framework of the digifabTURINg initiative. Designed to explore additive fabrication processes, the project focuses specifically on the question of how this material behaves during the fabrication process. Accordingly, this is an examination of the extent to which the material’s characteristics physically and aesthetically influence the forms produced. This means that the production/fabrication phase becomes an integral part of the design process.

The ceramic objects on display were made with the help of a robotic arm equipped with a custom-made tool to extrude clay and other paste-like materials. The digital information required for the robotic fabrication process is seamlessly linked with information about the materials’ characteristics yielded by the clay-to-water ratio—i.e. the viscosity of the clay. Of no lesser importance is an understanding of the complexity of the fabrication process, which ranges from the selection of the robotic infrastructure to the choice of which firing and glazing procedures are to be employed. By using this approach, inFORMED Clay Matter succeeds in bringing forth considerable design potential that is the outcome of robotic efficiency and high-performance computing.


Co-de-iT for digifabTURINg