Verena Steininger (AT)

The COVID-19 pandemic is still far from being over. However, for some time now, one has heard repeated reassurances in the media that the pandemic will end soon. The former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has always reiterated these statements. Since then, however, little has changed, and the number of people infected regularly rises again.

In this work, the artist points out the endless loop of the pandemic and the force with which these shattered hopes hit the population again and again. To depict this, the artist examined interviews of the Ex-Austrian Chancellor in various news broadcasts and selected those statements that were the most repeated and described for her most aptly the situation, such as “There is light at the end of the tunnel” or “It will remain a challenge”.

Verena Steininger uses a dartboard for the artistic realization, which she rewired and reprogrammed with an Arduino Nano Board. If you hit the dartboard with a dart, the statements of the Ex-Chancellor are played.

Project Credits/ Acknowledgements:

Holunder HeiƟ

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