Photo: Jifei Ou, Tangible Media Group | MIT Media Lab

kinetiX is a new, transformable material featuring a design that resembles a cellular structure. It consists of rigid plates or rods and elastic hinges. These modular elements can be combined in a wide variety of ways and assembled into multifarious forms.

What the resulting kinetiX structures look like and what characteristics they possess are determined with the help of computer-supported simulations. This makes it possible to derive mathematical models that contain the physical properties and design attributes of the material. Various configurations of the kinetiX structure are then tested by architectural software and stored to a library of various design options. Once such a formal archive has been set up, kinetiX can be quickly and easily configured into a vast array of architectural structures.

Exhibition: Jifei Ou, Nikolaos Vlavianos, Hiroshi Ishii

Research: Jifei Ou, Jannik Peters, Karl Willis, Hiroshi Ishii