Project INEO

INEO is a virtual reality experience designed especially with the interests and needs of non-tech-savvy seniors in mind. The whole experience—beginning with the choice of scenery—was developed in cooperation with members of the Pensioners Club of the City of Vienna. Thus INEO can offer a growing target audience—the older generation—a way to get into modern technology and partake of state-of-the-art entertainment. The first INEO experience takes players on a trip to outer space. In the role of a marooned astronaut, they can weightlessly explore an abandoned space station and activate its escape pod for the return trip to Earth. INEO plans to enable players to have input into the development of new experiences in the future. For example, homes for the aged or retiree clubs will be able to order the service as a subscription plan that includes the necessary hardware. In this way, members can conveniently enjoy a constantly changing lineup of virtual-reality-based experiences.

Credit: INEO (AT)