“[proteus]” is the initial prototype of an analog interactive display. In this experiment, ferrofluids—liquids that react to magnetic fields without becoming rigid, and thereby often form interesting three-dimensional structures—are controlled by both electromagnetic signals and a robotic interface. Real-time tracking data gathered from installation visitors is sent to a KUKA industrial robot that influences the ferrofluid in a Petri dish in such a way that it mirrors the spectators’ movement patterns.

The project’s first stage of development is presented in this exhibition. The next phase will investigate influence that can be exerted by neuronal patterns and brain-computer interfaces on the ferrofluid’s forms.



Maria Smigielska (CR UfG, mariasni.com): design, robotics
Pierre Cutellic (CAAD ITA ETHz, Compmonks): design, BCI
Johannes Braumann (CR UfG, RiA): robotics
Marie-Caroline Zimmermann-Meinzingen (CR UfG): fabrication assistant
Wesley Lee (UfG):  electronics advisor
Barlomiej Doros: chemistry advisor