Lehrer*innenfortbildung: reACTION NOW!

Lehrer*innenfortbildungen der PH Diƶzese Linz im Ars Electronica Center 2021/2022

Workshop for (digital) resistance

Friday, 12. November 2021
From 12am to 5pm
Managed by: Alina Sauter and Philipp Gartlehner
Target audience: everybody
Registration at PH-online of the PH-Linz

The future belongs to all of us, but especially to the younger generation. In this workshop
we will discuss what solutions young people might have for the burning problems of our world.
Problems of our world, and whether the commitment for a “good world” and the resistance against
resistance against (environmentally) destructive systems can lead us out of the impasse.
can. Greta Thunberg has shown us how much difference one person can make and how loud
a voice can become when it is echoed. Resistance is essential for the
empowerment of a civil society an indispensable and efficient tool,
Actionism is the expressive form of communication of responsible citizens. With
reACTION now! we want to encourage young people to participate politically and socially.
In this program block, we want to go beyond the mere process of reflection: Reaction must follow reason!