Solar Synthesizer 0.4

Klaus Dieterstorfer (AT), Alex Minichmair (AT), Rupert Huber (AT), Felix Minichmair (AT)

+2 (OG) AIxMusic

The dream of self-sufficient living occupies people more than ever before; energy independence and self-sufficiency in harmony with nature are becoming increasingly important.

With the Solar Synthesizer 0.4 the first attempt of the artist group attempt to produce sounds with solar energy was started. For the first time, electronic music can be played self-sufficiently in terms of energy. When completely irradiated by the sun or another light source, a harmonic soundscape opens up, which changes as soon as a person stands between the sun and the photovoltaic cells. Instead of pressing keys, one moves the hand towards or away from the panel.

Credit: Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH (DE)