SONIC WILDNESS / usomo (DE), Photo:


usomo (DE)

SONIC WILDNESS is an installation about precise hearing, but also about introspective recording of an artificial sound landscape, which makes it possible to experience the “radical wildness” in the acoustic realm. The project demonstrates the possibilities of the new usomo sound system for creating a connection between sound and space. The headphone-based system precisely tracks the position and movement of the audience. With this information, the usomo software is able to place sounds in exact positions in real space. In this installation, complex sound landscapes are produced that can be individually explored, allowing visitors to delve into the “sonic wildness.”

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Sound system: usomo by FRAMED immersive projects
Concept, spatial sound setup, and technical production: FRAMED immersive projects
Sound Concept and sound production: Antye Greie-Ripatti
Spatial concept and design: Marc Osswald