Artistic Recipes & Scientific Protocols

Scientific and artistic research each have very different ways in their practices: While scientific protocols are based on the idea of repeatability in a laboratory, the relevance of the artist is in the creation of unrepeatable pieces that are then sold to elite clientele. The purpose of this project is hence to rebut these myths, by finding the shared goals and interests of scientific and artistic practices, protocols and rituals. The materials and experiences collected over the process of the workshop are presented to generate a new territory where all fields can reflect together through a joint aesthetic experience the nuances of their work, eventually finding new and unexpected links to other, diametrically opposed, practices.

The projects present a diversity of artistic approaches and technical remediations based on the collaboration experience with the ENAS Fraunhofer Institut, ranging from the machine learning interpretation of laboratory manuals and safety protocols to the forensic architecture analysis of the laboratory spaces as they were presented during an online guided tour of the ENAS laboratories and the down-up-scaling and transcoding of the video-documentation of the laboratory tour.

Artists: Kevin Blackistone (US), Indiara Di Benedetto (IT), Noor Stenfert Kroese (NL), Barbara Jazbec (SI), Tiio Suorsa (FI), Kristina Tica (RS), Jieyuan Huang (CN), Yinglin Zhou (CN), Ricardo O. Nascimento (BR), Natalie Wagner (DE), Julia Dolipski (DE), Franziska Hagenauer (DE), Fabian Thueroff (DE), Matthias Pitscher (DE), Fabricio Lamoncha (ES)






The workshop is executed in cooperation with the scientific partner Fraunhofer-Institut für Elektronische Nanosysteme ENAS Chemnitz and the cultural partner Klub Solitaer e. V.