Tiny Dreamy Stories

Simply browse through the book and enjoy the stories with films and music! A book in which the story’s plot can also be influenced in various ways. The story changes depending on the sequence the pages are put in. Tiny Dreamy Stories is an interactive augmented reality picture book. It consists of a paper book with very thin IC (Integrated Circuit) tags embedded in each page, two RFID antennas installed under the table, and one projector set overtop.

credits: Hiroki Yamada

Born in Kanagawa (JP) 1984. 2007 BS in Divisions of Mechanical Engineering; 2009 MS in Graduate School of Engineering at Osaka University; from 2009 Ph.D. candidate to Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at The University of Tokyo; since 2010 part of the staff of Echo Educational Lab, associate researcher at TinC (Tokyo Interaction Center) and design engineer at a design unit “niya+”.