Under Pressure

::vtol:: (RU)

If we are under stress at work, we look for little diversions to compensate – who hasn’t sometimes indulged in pointless tasks during the workday to clear their head? Currently we perceive robots as a steady workforce that never needs a break, but what if intelligent robots in the future start to mimic our behavior? Would we accept robots that want to take a break or perform seemingly pointless tasks for leisure? Or will we even program robots to perform such tasks for our amusement? In these turbulent times, everyone is lacking the usual rituals and actions that allow for a certain balance. Many people enjoy popping bubble wrap. Under Pressure is a mechanism that does this automatically: a useless machine whose only function is to pop the bubbles in bubble wrap. Maybe, in the end, this “pastime” is not as useless as we might think? 


Project Credits / Acknowledgements:
Project was commissioned for HEK Basel.