Lehrer*innenfortbildung: WEBINAR I – CITIZEN SCIENCE TOOLS

Thursday, 21. October 2021
From 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Managed by: Alina Sauter and Philipp Gartlehner
Target audience: everybody
Registration at PH-online of the PH-Linz

Citizen science is not only about generating new knowledge and advancing
advancing research, but also raising awareness. Awareness for
the impact of one’s own actions and for the major global challenges to which
there can also be local answers.

Which approaches and projects do Citizen Scientists pursue and which tools do they use?
Whether in investigative grassroots journalism, the clarification
of human rights violations or citizen participation in
scientific projects – the possibilities to make a contribution are so diverse due to the
ditigalization as manifold as never before.

In the course of this webinar, we’d like to present projects from Ars Electronica Labs
and explore the question of how we as citizens can shape our lives in a sustainable and smart way.