Mónica Rikić

Thu 5.9. – Mon 9.9.

10:00 – 19:00

Ars Electronica Center Sound Lab

The game is made of 25 big foam blocks lined with fabric. Three of the sides are of a different color – red, violet, green – and belong to a different game. The opposite face of each side of the game, which is white, has the image recognition code that will be read by the camera and sent to the computer. The feedback of the game is very straightforward and easy to understand. It is primarily designed as a game for children aged 3- 10 years, but it can reach a wider range of ages.

Buildasound is a sound building blocks game. It consists in creating shapes at the same time that you generate new sounds: there is no single objective (winning or losing), but instead the entertainment involved in playing and the opportunity to discover new melodies and constructions and constant creation based on the different positions of the blocks.

Mónica Rikić (Barcelona 1986) studied Fine Arts in The University of Barcelona until 2009, where she focused her artworks mostly in video art and animation. While she was studying, she made two international residencies: one in the Technical University of Athens, where started working with net art; and the other one in Southern Cross University in Australia, where she focused her work in digital animation and sound. After that, she did a Masters in Digital Arts in the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona where she learned programming and other interactive techniques such as microcontrolers and image recognition. There is where she discovered code as a very poweful artistic language and the one that suited best her needs. She has participated in many international art and music festivals such as SonarKids in Barcelona, UovoKids in Milan or FILE Sao Paulo 2012, TEI’13 Conference and FILE GAMES Rio 2103.