Insect stomp


Veronika Grossberger (AT)

In this workshop, the participants become sound researchers and explore the sounds of insects. After an introduction to the topic of environmental and natural sounds, the participants record sounds in nature on the one hand and imitate the sounds of insects with everyday objects they find on their desk, in the kitchen and in the bathroom on the other. They record the sounds independently and learn how to use the recording device (smart phone). Depending on the class size and possibilities, the students can further process the sounds in a music program and creatively change them. The workshop culminates in a small sound installation, which is put together by the music mediator from the sounds of the students.

What does a bee sound like? And a grasshopper? Which sound is higher, which is lower?

Format Workshop
Realization Online (the class can be at school, at home or divided)
Duration 4 units on two dates
Participants up to 15 people, 10 to 14 years
Guidance Veronika Grossberger and 1 teacher
Price free
Bookable from November 2021

Keywords: Sound production, insects, ecosystem, environmental sounds, music education


Credits: Walter Skokanitsch

Veronika Grossberger has been working in the field of music education for many years and for various cultural organizers (Klangspuren Schwaz, Ernst Krenek Forum, Klangraum Minoritenkirche Krems). She deals intensively with everyday noises as sound material as well as with hearing itself.




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