Project of the heart. Photo: Julian Köppl

Miriam Kandera, Ida Kieslinger, Helena Vancura (AT)

In the workshop, the students learn what it is like to set up a project and take on responsibility while working with a team. Because the workshop leaders themselves only graduated last year, they are able to get into the minds and feelings of the participants and understand what it is like to be unsure about your creativity and decisions as a young person.

The workshop goes through the phases of clearing the head to be more creative in the generating-or-processing-ideas-phase, the team building and communication phase as well as conquering organizational stuff. The aim is to create and evolve projects that suit the students and that they can put their heart and soul into. In keeping with this, the leaders also talk about their own experiences with a variety of different concepts and show how they were able to work on their diploma project without any real complications. They will give important guidelines and tricks to make sure, the projects become successful. These projects can be completely school-unrelated or in line with tasks that the students will eventually have to do, like a VWA or diploma project.

A bit of courage and lots of creativity!

Implementationat school or online
Duration2–3 hours
Participantsup to 30 people
Age15–18 years
GuidanceWorkshop leader and a school teacher

Miriam Kandera, Ida Kieslinger and Helena Vancura are three graduates of the Graphische in Vienna. Their diploma project Body as a Medium is a creative book that that brings the art of dance onto two-dimensional paper using various media of expression. Dance is the subject of photography, poetry and drawings and is additionally written down using Labanotation, a movement script. The team consists of two photographers, Ida Kieslinger and Miriam Kandera, and a graphic designer, Helena Vancura. Together they have developed the project further – turning a simple photo book into an interactive exhibition at the Ars Electronica Festival 2023. They enjoy constantly reinventing the project as well as seeing what people make of it.

Teamphoto: Monika Fellner

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