In the field of contemporary investigative art, the Kapelica Gallery has developed into an institution with research and production laboratories. Alongside this, Kersnikova has established a programme for the education of children, youth, artists, and others interested in the emancipated use of contemporary technologies.  

In an inspiring industrial space, Kersnikova presents artistic projects with undiminished intensity, creating better conditions for artistic research and creation in its well-equipped laboratories for biotechnology (BioTehna), mechatronics (Rampa) and bionics (Vivarium), merged under the name Laboratory for Artificial Life. In numerous partnerships with various international cultural institutions and a number of European universities, Kersnikova is successfully collaborating in the implementation of extensive projects, making Ljubljana an extremely interesting and important arts destination, appreciated worldwide.  

In addition to the vibrant artistic creation, Kersnikova has created an educational programme, called investigative learning, whose special feature is the encouragement of participants to make with their own hands (DIY), to help each other (DITO), and to learn that there are no wrong questions to limit them in their passion for exploring and making. Their knowledge of high-tech principles gives them orientation in an increasingly technologised world where they use their experience in ways that emancipate and empower them.   

Kersnikova has also been creating a space where our experiences and insights gained through our collaborations in artistic productions in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, programming, robotics, bionics, biotechnology, evolutionary biology, and other contemporary scientific and engineering practices that in one way or another affect the individual or society as a whole converge. We seek to translate these experiences into meaningful messages that are actively incorporated into possible future scenarios and innovations that we want to enable a more ethical, safe, and inclusive future. 
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Petra Vanič

 Eva Pondrk