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  • Incomplete Circles

    Incomplete Circles

    Niccolò Milanese the director of European Alternatives talks to Ana-Maria Carabelea from Ars Electronica about the engagement of youth and other missing voices in the discussions on political and societal transformation.

  • Becoming the Director of One’s Future

    Becoming the Director of One’s Future

    Cultural entrepreneur and activist, Aris Papadopoulos from LATRA talks about the importance of bringing marginalised perspectives to the forefront of the current discourse about democracy.

  • Understanding humans in change

    Understanding humans in change

    Marianne Kinnula from the University of Oulu talks about how Critical ChangeLabs can create environments in which young people are encouraged to practice agency and create change themselves instead of expecting change to come from others.

  • Critical ChangeLab // Beta Festival

    Critical ChangeLab // Beta Festival

    The Critical ChangeLab at Trinity College Dublin is launching an after-school prtogramme in collaboration with Beta Festival. In the programme young people will use creative tools (including augmented and virtual reality) to imagine what the future could look like.

  • Critical ChangeLab meets in Amsterdam

    Critical ChangeLab meets in Amsterdam

    The Critical ChangeLab Consortium met for the first time in-person at Waag FutureLab in Amsterdam to lay the groundwork for everything to come. Some key areas of discussion included the evolution of the Critical Literacies Framework and the development of the Democracy Health Questionnaire.

  • Critical ChangeLab kicks-off

    Critical ChangeLab kicks-off

    The Critical ChangeLab project embarks on an exciting three year journey to build a resilient European democracy by reinvigorating the relationship between youth and democracy. Partners met together online to kick-off a project centered around direct action democracy, transformative agency, grassroots participation, and meaningful citizen engagement.