Sustainability in space flight

A collection of materials.

The theme of the In-flight Call on June 1, 2021 is Sustainability in Space. Here you will find teaching materials, videos and webiste about it.

The content is mostly suitable for 7th grade and up. The content is in German (ger) or English (eng).


Thomas Pesquet and Mission Alpha:

Thomas Pesquet (eng)

Mission Alpha (eng)

Brochure Mission Alpha (eng)

Mission Alpha – CNES (eng)


Teaching materials: Sustainability in space

Astrocrops – Growing plants for future space missions (eng)

Astro Famer (eng)

Astro Food (eng)

Moon Rover – Building a solar-powered rover (eng)

Water on the Moon – Filtering “lunar ice cores” to extract water (eng)


Videos: Sustainability in Spaceflight

Paxi Video – water and air on the ISS (eng)

Blog: Recycling water in the ISS (eng)

3D print on the moon (eng)

resources on the moon (eng)

TedTalk: 3D printing in space flight (eng)


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