Symposium “Schule und Weltraum 2022”

The IAU/NAEC initiative, together with the Austrian Academy of Sciences, ESERO Austria and the Austrian Society for Astronomy & Astrophysics (ÖGAA) invite to the symposium “Schule und Weltraum” (school and space) with national and international guests at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

The NAEC conference “Schule und Weltraum 2022” aims to bring together students, educators and scientists to exchange information on current research, citizen science projects and projects for schools and to establish contacts. In addition, prizes will be awarded for the best pre-scientific papers (AHS) or diploma theses (BHS) in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, space missions and space travel.
At the conference, national and international experts will speak, present current research and links to school in the form of projects, materials and teaching opportunities.

Registration via the online form.

Participation details and prices can be found on the IAU/NAEC page.