Ars Electronica in the Knowledge Capital – FREE SOUND (Vol. 5)

Knowledge Capital Osaka, Japan
June 2013 – May 2014

Ars Electronica Creative Cloud is a workshop series held in the Knowledge Capital of Osaka in a brand-new creative hub for innovation through a fusion of human creativity and technology. 10 creative workshops were conducted in this cultural program curated by Ars Electronica in collaboration with the Knowledge Capital and KTV from June 2013 to May 2014, including cutting-edge talk sessions by international artists and Ars Electronica members. Through the lectures and workshops, this program aimed to stimulate social discussions and actions for new creativity based in the Knowledge Capital Osaka:

  • Creative Platform in the Future
    June 14-16, 2013: Zachary Lieberman (US) and Gerfried Stocker (AT)
  • Lab in the Future
    July 19-21, 2013: Sam Auinger (AT/DE) and Horst Hörtner (AT)
  • Education in the Future
    August 2-4, 2013: Greg Saul (NZ) and Christoph Kremer (AT)
  • Art and Society
    October 18-20, 2013: Ursula Damm (DE) and Martin Honzik (AT)
  • Art and Science
    November 15-17, 2013: Michael Doser (AT/CH) and Gerfried Stocker (AT)
  • Art and Innovation
    December 13-15, 2013: Hideaki Ogawa (JP) and Christopher Lindinger (AT)
  • Art and Culture
    January 31-Februar 2, 2014: Juliane Leitner (AT) and Emiko Ogawa (JP)
  • Art x Making
    March 14-16, 2014: Matthew Gardiner (AU) and Hideaki Ogawa (JP)
  • Art x Expressing
    April 18-20, 2014: Nova Jiang (NZ), Hannes Leopoldseder (AT) and Christine Schöpf (AT)
  • Art x Thinking
    May 16-18, 2014: Manuel Selg (AT), Horst Hörtner (AT) and Hideaki Ogawa (JP)