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For the musical’s adaption of Lazarus for the Musiktheater Linz (English with German dialogue), the Landestheater Linz engaged in a special cooperation with the Ars Electronica Futurelab, in order to utilize media art to stage the material in a special contemporary appearance. Most notably, both stage design and media art complement each other in applying reduced and simplistic design to amplify on the protagonist’s disruption and agony as he struggles to realize the ramifications of his mission’s failure. The outcome of this venture premiered on September 27th, 2018, and was subsequently performed 16 more times throughout the Season 2018/2019 in the Großer Saal at Musiktheater Linz.

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The critically acclaimed musical by Enda Walsh best known for its music and lyrics by David Bowie was first performed in New York end of 2015, shortly before Bowie’s death, as one of his last works completed. The piece is inspired by (and represents a sequel of) the Sci-Fi novel The Man Who Fell to Earth (1963) by Walter Tevis, in whose 1976 movie adaption of the same name Bowie starred as the humanoid extraterrestrial protagonist Newton, on his mission to take water back to his drying-up planet, however getting stuck, diverted by earthly vice, and eventually failing. The narrative of Lazarus picks up the loose endings of The Man Who Fell to Earth and tells of Newton’s subsequent despair, alienation, and ultimate redemption.


Musical Director: Christopher Mundy
Second Musical Director: Tom Bitterlich
Director: Johannes von Matuschka
Choreography: Wei-Ken Liao
Stage Design: Christoph Rufer
Costume Design: Tanja Liebermann
Co-Costume Design: Giuliana Savari
Assistant Producer: Kathrin Obernhumer
Media Design: Roland Aigner, Florian Berger, Marianne Eisl, Roland Haring, Horst Hörtner, Johannes Pöll, Erwin Reitböck
Lighting Design: Johann Hofbauer
Dramaturgy: Arne Beeker
German Dialogue: Peter Torberg
Music and vocal lyrics: David Bowie
Book: Enda Walsh based on The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis
PARTNER: Musiktheater Linz