The ARSBOX is a PC-based, stereographic, multimedia presentation unit. It has been designed as a form of cross-media infrastructure making it possible to present, develop and manipulate a broad spectrum of media contents. Immersive interactive 3-D worlds can be combined with videos and Powerpoint presentations, or, for example linked with scientific workspaces like MathematicaTM in order to revise parameters of the displayed mathematical models in real time. Not only was the ARSBOX as a project of the Futurelab an innovative achievement in its own right; it enables innovation as well. The infrastructure’s features opened new dimensions to enhance CAE (computer aided engineering), design-on-the-fly, virtual prototyping and digital mockups.

The ARSBOX made it possible to do virtual prototyping in a simple practical way. Serving as the system’s interaction and control medium was a PALMIST – a pocket PC or a tablet PC equipped with a wireless LAN – running the FATE software framework developed by the Futurelab. The PALMIST makes available all the basic functional features to control the projection screens. Changing the parameters of existing objects or creating new ones are both done on the PALMIST, and the results could be visualized in real time. One area in which the ARSBOX was designed for use is marketing and product presentation. Before that, only large industrial enterprises had the chance to conduct interactive product presentations and simulations of how the product functions by means of stereoscopic virtual environments. But with the ARSBOX, smaller firms as well could use this state-of-the-art technology to attract a big turnout to their trade show booths. Examples of the successful use of the ARSBOX include the designs of several large-scale events at the Brucknerhaus in Linz, Austria as well as numerous presentations all over the world.

See also VRizer – a 3D visualization software developed by the Futurelab for the ARSBOX.

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Senior Executive Developer: Horst Hörtner
Key Researcher/ Virtual Environment: Christopher Lindinger
Development: Florian Berger, Peter Freudling, Stefan Mittlböck-Jungwirth-Fohringer, Robert Praxmarer, Andreas Riedler, Andreas Jalsovec

PARTNER: The ARSBOX was realized in cooperation with the Department of Business Computing (Chair for Software Engineering, Prof. Gustav Pomberger) of the Johannes Kepler University, Linz