Johannes Kepler University: Beyond Coding

The course “Beyond Coding: New Technologies in Context” was developed for law students to address the lack of a legal framework for many transformative technological developments.

Technological developments, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomous Driving, AI and Creativity, Creative Robotics, Bio-Technology and Blockchain, not only impact business models and processes, but also various areas of our lives. The focus of the elective “Beyond Coding: New Technologies in Context”, developed by the Future Thinking School for law students at Johannes Kepler University, was on addressing the potential impact of these technologies on our society and economy, as well as legal issues related to them. The goal of this course, which and has been held every winter semester since 2021, was to raise awareness among students that many transformative technological developments do not yet have a valid legal framework. To give students the opportunity to engage with new technologies in a practical way as well, this elective was conducted in cooperation with partners from Ars Electronica: Cloudflight, Linz Art University, Creative Robotics/Grand Garage and Noyb.