Future in a Nutshell

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What are the fundamental trends and technologies we will face in the future? What changes will these lead to and what challenges and opportunities will result from them? Future in a Nutshell is a series of inspirational talks and discussions of the smartest minds from the Ars Electronica science and art network. We bring new ideas and “food for thought” to your company. Future in a Nutshell sparks innovation.

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Since 1979 Ars Electronica is actively connecting art, technology and society and built a brought network of artists, scientists, technologists, engineers, and academics who work at the core of innovation. With Future in a Nutshell this pool of knowledge comes to your company through a curated and customized series of talks by these brilliant minds addressing the field of your interest. Each session will feature one keynote followed by a moderated Q&A. The topics will be defined in coordination with the client.

Possible Themes

AI and Machine Learning, Art&Science and STARTS (Science, Technology, Arts), Machine Intelligence, Robotics and Kinetics, New Materiality, Life and Bio Art, Computer Animation, Digital Music and Sound Art, Digital Communities, Media Architectures, VR/AR, Interactive Systems.

Good to know

We recommend a minimum of three workshops. Due to the current situation, we offer this program as a remote package. All keynotes take place online. Travel and accommodation for a personal visit are not included.

Target Audience Companies & Professionals with a focus on the following sectors: Innovation, Marketing, R&D, HR
Duration 4 Sessions a 1.5 hours in 6-8 month
Format Keynote with Q&A
Language English or German
Number of Participants Maximum of 50 participants
Fee Upon request