Hybrid Event Transformation Workshop

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Do you want to combine the best aspects of the on- and offline realm in your projects? A truly hybrid approach to your endeavours? The Hybrid Transformation Workshop gives access to the full Ars Electronica knowledge spectrum around online and hybrid events. We offer you support and resources to find optimal solutions for your distinctive demands.

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Good to know

We recommend minimum three workshops. We share our learnings from the Ars Electronica Festival, show examples from previous projects and find solutions for your particular hybrid challenge. In the first workshop we look together into your particular project and hybrid challenge. The second workshop gives an overview of tools to use that address these challenges. The third workshop outlines a customized solution for your hybrid challenge. All workshops take place online. Travel and accommodation are not included.

Example: Transform your events to become hybrid

Your conference shall now be streamed online – we give you advice how to do that, what to consider and how interaction can look like. Online training for your team – how can online workshops engage participants, how can a hybrid event in this field look like? Online Exhibition Tours – how can they look like, what interactions can be explored, what are open-source tools that can come to play here?

Target Audience Companies, R&D, Innovation Departments
Duration Package of 3 Workshops a 2,5h
Format Interactive online workshops
Language English or German
Number of Participants 10 participants
Fee Upon request