Art for Innovation

Initiatives of Ars Electronica Japan: Art for Innovation

“Art that will ignite innovation.”
Ars Electronica Japan tackles pioneering challenges to invent a better future by connecting creators, industries, governments and citizens. We propose “Art Thinking” as a creative process of questioning the world. Just as designers create solutions attempting to define problems and meet them with creative ideas, artists question existing beliefs by projecting messages through their work. Design Thinking is widely known as a problem solving method, while “Art Thinking” is a mindset to cultivate a creative mind to cast doubt on common perceptions. It helps people, from industries to governments, develop an inspiring message that can catalyze positive reactions from social participants. Ars Electronica Japan provides new types of consulting with Art Thinking, prototyping for shaping Tangible Corporate Identity to create experienced-based vision and philosophy and R&D under the mission of Art for Innovation.