Gala Mariachi Dron
Ars Electronica Garden Tequila, Oficina de visitantes y convenciones, Cámara Nacional de Comercio, SwarmPixel Thiret/Creative and Producer Director

This piece is a tribute from Mexico to Austria inspired by the world-renowned project Spaxels (pixels in space) by Ars Electronica Futurelab. What we will see is a spectacular collaboration between Mariachi artists, technologists and scientists with the objective of remembering the beauty and love of our country through our music that reflects our passion and the union to face any future.

Hybrid Tech-ila: Imagining landscapes through neural networks.
GAN breeder, Pedro H. Baez by AI/THEIA

Hybridization of art is -more and more- a common subject for artists seeking inspiration and tools for extending their imagination. GAN breeder is an open source Neural Network that processes images and reinterprets them to produce new results. By choosing a selection of images, the curator can partake onto a different result.

Tapatia-Tech-ila- Rhapsody
Paris Alejandro Díaz Miranda (MX)

Tapatía Tech-ila Rhapsody is an audiovisual piece based in Mexican culture and the current accelerated life rhythm; that presents a triad of conceptual frameworks: Past+Present+Future of humanity; Art+Technology+Science as means to re-shape our destiny; and Classical+Folkloric+Contemporary musical identity of a culture/country/society.

Reset-Tech-ila Summit
Secretaría de Innovación, Ciencia y Tecnología del Estado de Jalisco, Majo Castelazo Andre

The agricultural regions are presenting problems to enter the digital reality; at the level of tourism, for the transmission of knowledge and interactivity in a non-physical way, at the same time they represent the change of mentality towards a sustainable and future production.

Tech-ila Master Craftsman
Oficina de Visitante y Convenciones (OFVC), Cámara Nacional de la Industria del Tequila (CNIT), Zonaga and Mad Machina

The master class is an approach to the materials, hands and stories behind each Tequila Máster "artisan", a product made by years of history and essence accompanied by new technological resources that will make understanding the future of How do we produce, transmit and collect culture? How do we create ancestral products for the future? How do we mold our worldview into an object?