Datasets vs Mindsets

Datasets vs Mindsets: Performance Program

Katarina Melik-Ovsepian + Nikita Prudnikov (aka monekeer) (RU), Maria Molokova (RU), Kira Weinshtein (RU), Nikolay Golikov, Yulia Glukhove (holoherz), EOLA

Freitag, 11. September 2020, 18:30 - 20:00
Alle Termine werden in der Mitteleuropäischen Zeit (MEZ / UTC+1) angegeben.
Livestream + Ars Electronica Voyages Channel

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The project aims to present several generations of new media artists from post-Soviet countries in the international context. It includes a one-day performance program using innovative forms of representation and interaction between online and offline formats, such as new approaches to webcasting and experimental web-interfaces, which create brand-new user experiences for online visitors.


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Interpolations (AIxMusic)

Katarina Melik-Ovsepian + Nikita Prudnikov (aka monekeer) (RU)

In this performance, Nikita Prudnikov and Katarina Melik-Ovsepian experiment with machine learning on one of the most famous Baroque pieces, J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier. The basis of the performance is the space of tacts for Well-Tempered Clavier, built by the auto-encoder (neural network). During the performance, Nikita and Katarina explore this space by moving from one point to another: the neural network generates a repetitive composition performed by Katarina (harpsichord) and a specially designed synthesiser (AI-harpsichord).

Water is Water

Maria Molokova (RU)

This performance is a representation of a laboratory situation in which a part of the urban chemical landscape is scanned through an optical receiver. The amplification of water changes in the reservoir and is reproduced through the speakers, with an interface based on the principle of the optical eavesdropping device by Leon Theremin. The project is a search for an alternative dive into sludge storage and coexistence with the waste of industrial culture, which has emerged as a natural landscape.

“They” Is Here (AIxMusic)

Nikita Prudnikov (aka monekeer) + Anastasia Tolchneva (aka Lovozero) (RU)

The goal with this performance is to study the latent space of timbres between the human and the animal. The results of the study are presented in the form of imaginary field recordings synthesized through various machine learning techniques.

Scheduled Randomness

Kira Weinshtein (RU), Co-author: Nikolay Golikov

Common patterns in the processes of chemistry and music made me think of integrating them. I’ve created a piece based on the Briggs–Rauscher oscillating reaction, or “chemical clock,” by attaching light and temperature sensors to the flask and creating an electric circuit to map sensor data to analog oscillator parameters, such as pitch, amplitude and panning of the square wave. Three voices (connected through three flasks with reaction) produce sound structures with different frequencies, to slowly fade out in a low frequency drone.


::vtol:: (RU)

Performance for four laptops/tablets connected in network via wi-fi. Each of the four screens facing the audience is arguably a discrete element of a centralized command distribution system that creates visual and sound landscapes. The performer is wearing a mask with a moving camera. It captures the face illuminated by LEDs reacting to sound. Stroboscopic light and intense sound overwhelm the performer with a stream of information, similar to a ddos attack on a server. The performer has the only one instrument of control – a small remote control that distributes commands using only 3 buttons (start, stop and change of stream). The video captured by the camera is used as the basis for creating video and sound. Thus, the system closes into a single overloaded feedback.


Experimental Opera Lab (Varya Lisokot, Dmitriy Vikhorknov, Vladimir Miller, Ildar Iakubov, Kiberchaika)

Interdisciplinary team of artists uses different machine learning algorithms to create a new experimental opera. The opera tells a story of an Intelligent machine that was trained on Lisokot’s personal data and her artwork archives – and suddenly becomes sentient. A classic parent/child conflict emerges and soon starts escalating exponentially as parent/child relations get entangled with human/non-human relations in anthropocentric world. They decide to visit family therapist.

Splitting the second (microscopy of Time)

Yulia Glukhova aka holorez

The interval of one second is picking up from hand watches with contact microphone, then is expanded until it lasts one minute and goes back, referring to the conception of the microscopy of time in a free interpretation. This conception has inspiration in Leon Theremin’s exploration of blood cells and spermatozoids, where he suggested that to properly understand the life of microorganism we need to change the time scale accordingly to their linear dimension. This is how the time microscope could sound if it existed, splitting the second, zooming in and finding many events going on there, dramaturgy in just one second of time.