Ars Electronica Garden Amsterdam

Shifting Proximities

Nxt Museum (NL)

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The Shifting Proximities garden at Ars Electronica hosted by Nxt Musem captures elements of our inaugural exhibition that explore how human experience and interaction in the face of social and technological change continually shifts the proximities between us. Perception of space, and our place within it, is called into question through the collected collaborations of artists, designers, technologists, scientists and musicians.

Nxt Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to New Media Art. It is shaped to be a fluid future-facing institution that seeks to examine accelerating socio-political, technological and environmental change by questioning “what is next”.

The garden investigates how the tools of new technologies both empower and threaten us, and how those contradictory forces act upon our bodies individually and collectively. New technologies have offered new modes of expression, alongside new avenues of external manipulations, shifting how we relate to each other.

In evoking concepts of proximity, our interconnectivity becomes ever more apparent. Within this garden, we look to examine these shifting proximities and together create new forms of networked nearness amongst the Ars Electronica gardens in this unifying moment.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Garden Curator: Bogomir Doringer (RS/NL)

Nxt Museum

Opened in Amsterdam Noord in August 2020, Nxt Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to New Media Art. Driven by a fascination with the future, Nxt Museum fuses art, science and technology to seek, show and question what is next. Nxt Museum exhibits and commissions large-scale, immersive art installations born of interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, designers, technologists, scientists and musicians. Through immersive, multi-sensory exhibitions that shed new light on the world, visitors are invited to engage and interact physically, conceptually and emotionally with the art. Nxt Museum’s three-fold public programme, comprising exhibitions, performance and learning and research, is designed to appeal to a broad range of visitors and is led by the museum’s mission to incite curiosity, challenge assumptions and open minds.


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