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From philosophy via science fiction writing and cinema to contemporary performance, gaming, art and architecture worldbuilding is being used to create alternative scenarios and compelling futurities – visions we need especially in a time of radical transition. Worlding Worlds brings together 13 immersive installations by just as many international artists and designers, using real and virtual media to challenge and oppose dominant views by opening up and giving voice to possible other realities, now and in the (near) future.

Worlding Worlds

In the beginning… no, let’s not go there. People have always invented creation myths to account for the world as they knew it. You could call it the ultimate form of storytelling. Today, worlding happens everywhere. From Game of Thrones to post-colonial practices and from VR to algorithm-driven animation, different worlds offer alternate storylines, scenarios and solutions, whether they happen in the past, the future or in a galaxy far, far away.

The utopian, queer, dystopian, germinating, ­irreconcilable worlds that MU opened up in the exhibition Worlding Worlds address the present pandemic situation even more poignantly than we envisioned when we started putting the exhibition together. Worlding Worlds brings together 13 worldbuilding projects by 13 international artists. They challenge dominant views, opposing them with unexpected options and projecting the space that may be hard to find in society as it was/is/will be. Worlds are worlding somewhere out there in virtual reality, or in real life, tangible and smellable. When we populate them with our presence, bring them alive with commitment, something is (un)bound to happen.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Participating artists:
Ainslee Robson, Andrew Thomas Huang, Baum Leahy, David OReilly, Ian Cheng, Joanie Lemercier, Kordae Jatafa Henry, Lady Dangfua, Liam Young, Mehraneh Atashi, Stephane Borel, Soft Bodies (Paula Strunden & John Cruwys), Viviane Komati
Curator: Angelique Spaninks

MU Hybrid Art House