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Solo Exhibition I: Jeffrey Shaw – WYSIWYG

Jeffrey Shaw (AU//HK)

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The milestone works that are hallmarks of Jeffrey Shaw’s singular achievements in the avant-garde of contemporary media art. The computing acronym WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get – was chosen by Shaw as the title for his solo exhibition. It invokes the experience gained from the viewer’s action of interactively exploring his artworks. In the aspect of Shaw’s oeuvre, the exposition is determined by what happens in the course of an exchange, and what is seen and perceived is what is performed and elucidated by each viewer/interactor. So one can add this preface to WYSIWYG: WYDIWYS – What You Do Is What You See! Jeffrey Shaw has been awarded with the Visionary Pioneer of Media Art Golden Nica 2018.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Artist: Jeffrey SHAW
Curator: Jeffrey SHAW, Osage
Organized and presented by: Osage Art Foundation
Production: Osage Art Foundation, ACIM, SCM, CityU
Venue: Osage Gallery Hong Kong