Exhibition: Augmented Empathy

As part of The Living Planet, FACT’s programme focusing on the non-human, the artist collective Keiken have developed a multi-layered participatory project called Augmented Empathy in collaboration with FACT’s Learning team.

Exhibition: And Say the Animal Responded?

This immersive exhibition brings you face to face with animals from around the world through film, art and creative technology.

Drums Radio – 2 hours live radio session per day
Aurore Balsa (FR), Delphine Dora (FR), Ambre Dourneau (FR), Romain Gaudillière (FR), Céline Jiang (FR/CN), Pauline Mikô (BE), Nina Queissner (DE), Natalia Rivera Riffo (CL), Victor Villafagne (FR)

The DDD is a conceptual analytical system where the association of three words in D creates a tridimensional investigation space. As sound matter is a mechanic wave working in three dimensions, we assign it to a tridimensional physical space. Thereby, we want to construct a autonomous reflective space where sound projects itself.

Artist Talk: Natural Glitch
Kasia Molga (PL/UK), Ivan Henriques (BR/NL)

Live Stream Artist Talk

Live Performance: Augmented Empathy

Live-streamed public outdoor performance

Instagram Tour: And Say the Animal Responded

Our current exhibition presents work by six international artists who have captured animal voices and gestures through the use of human technology.

Learning from The Commons: a keystone towards a rewildered Future
Stefan Laxness (UK)

Identity and Aesthetics in a Rewilded Europe - ​Exploration of the potential of rewilding Europe as an operative territorial strategy with far reaching consequences for how we occupy space and engage as citizens.

Future Life Exhibition
Curated by: Karin Ohlenschläger

Marco Barotti (IT), Clams, interactive installation, 2019 Disnovation.org (FR), Online Culture Wars (in collaboration with Baruch Gottlieb, 2018/19; The Persuadables), video, 2019 Quimera Rosa (ES/FR), Trans*Plant: May the Chlorophyll Be With/In You, mix-media installation, work in progress since 2016 Anna Ridler (GB), Mosaic Virus, GANs generated video installation, 2019 Robertina Sebjanic (SI) & Gjino Sutic (HR), Aqua Forensic, installation, 2018

What is Sound – Alpha blending
Luana Lojić (HR)

What is Sound: Alpha blending is an audio-visual performative search for available information on the smallest things and units ever recorded or seen based on internet stored data (ex. bits, nanobes, phonemes, photons, atoms, etc.). Its constant is made of endless improvised medial translations formed from free online available generative tools and starts with a question posed into a search engine, building informational layers of text, sound, pictures and moving images.

EMAP group exhibition: Quarantine
Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Gjino Šutić (HR), Anna Dumitriu, Alex May (UK), Tiziano Derme, Daniela Mitterberger (AT), Taavi Suisalu (EE), Quimera Rosa (FR/AR/ES), Kat Austen (UK/DE)

Over the last few years, the EMAP/EMARE network of media arts organizations have produced a multitude of works dealing with life-science and cybernetics that examine the fragile ecological equilibrium of life on Earth. A few of these artists find inspiration from scientific discoveries like archaea, a group of unicellular micro-organisms believed to be the oldest form of life on Earth. Other sources of inspiration include the impact of pharmaceuticals on life in the water and the sonic vision of bats. These artistic explorations envision future evolution in magical and often transgressive ways.

Beyond Human Perception
María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde (ES)

The artwork is a video installation that allows the audience to visualize the reactions of humans and plants to a common stimulus: live music. The installation is the result of several sessions where the brain activity of humans was measured jointly with electrical oscillations in plants, using a sensor developed by the artists.

skip-the-line entrance
Daniel Hengst (DE)

Skip-the-line entrance, a collaborative guide to a speculative berlinDiscover a whole new Berlin. Join us on this journey and visit four local artists.

Viral Fiction
Forms of Ownership (INT)

Money and law shape much of our everyday life. In a hyperbole of social sculpture, our artistic practice is anchored in approaching these systems as artistic and creative mediums in themselves.

How to make an Ocean?
Kasia Molga (PL/UK)

Can human tears sustain sea life? Kasia Molga will narrate her journey from the conception of the project, inspired by dealing with personal grief; through the impact of COVID-19 on her initial idea; through the crazy set up of a make-shift wet-lab; to learning how to cry on cue; her efforts to keep tiny sea creatures alive in her tears; and attempts to develop an AI moirologist ―a crying bot to help us all shed some tears.

Clusterduck (IT/DE/FR)

Based on the aesthetics of online conspiracy theorists, ancient grimoires, and cutting edge contemporary digital design, MEME MANIFESTO strives to be a manual for memetic production, a highly refined documentation of the contemporary memetic landscape and an art book about the hidden sides of the Internet. The project seeks to describe the personal experience of someone who is approaching meme culture, affirm the importance and power of memes, and give everyone the tools to harness this power.

Zero Footprint
Douglas Rushkoff

In the 2020 festival “Zero Footprint”, subtitled “Living and Connecting on a Damaged Earth”, IMPAKT will focus on the climate crisis through the eyes of artists and radical thinkers. How can we create structural change that can serve the many instead of the few?

oneseconds (NL)

A 20 minute online interactive performance where the audience decides the faith of the protagonist. Influencer questions the autonomy of the human being in modern times. How far are we influenced by the majority?

Abducting Europa - Live artist talks
Simon Denny (NZ/DE), Andy King (UK), Szabolcs KissPál (HU), Annika Larsson (SE/DE), Liliana Piskorska (PL), Jonas Staal (NL/GR)

Artists from the “Abducting Europa” exhibition will discuss their work in a series of artists talks, live and pre-recorded. Political fantasy, from myths of national rebirth to the esoteric dimensions of deep web conspiracy theories, these talks will discuss the use and abuse of history, the lure of a Golden Age, and alternative visions on Europe.

Radicalization by Design - Webproject
Florian Cramer (DE/NL), Bharat Ganesh (US/NL), Jon Rafman (CA/US), Richard Rogers (US/NL), Dimitri Tokmetzis (NL)

Webproject - Radicalization by Design will discuss the question of whether our media are radicalizing us. Is social media tearing society apart? How do trolls, conspiracy theories, memes and fringe platforms impact politics today?

Mini concert for web applications
WRO Art Center team (PL)

Performed by the WRO Art Center team exploring the full potential of web applications by Paweł Janicki. Create your own scores for live audiovisual performances.